Natural Yeast Cure Comparison - Why Simple Treatments Can Be Better Than Drug Therapy

Yeast Infection is unpleasant, but did you know a natural yeast cure is possibly the kindest thing you can do for your body?

Infection by the fungus Candida Albicans (often called yeast overgrowth or thrush) is one of the most common ailments known to man, with medical researchers saying that at least 75% of the population will suffer from a yeast infection caused by Candida at least once in their lifetime. In a world that needs a quick fix to every problem, often the first reaction to a yeast infection is to get the doctor to prescribe an anti fungal medication to get fast relief from the burning and itching often associated with the condition. But is this wise? Why do we not look to natural yeast cures first?

If you consult any of the drug information sites available on the internet it is easy to very quickly see the possible side effects of some of the more common medications used to produce a modern medicine yeast cure. For instance the drug fluconazole is credited with the possible major side effects of nausea, stomach pain, loss of appetite, and jaundice. Other major problems can include fever and chills, severe blistering and skin rash, easy bruising or bleeding and even possible convulsions. The less serious side effects can include mild nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or upset stomach. They also may include headache, dizziness, unusual taste in the mouth, skin rashes or itching!

Obviously, the list of possible side effects is quite daunting, but your health may also be compromised in other ways too if you use antifungal medication at the same time as you use many other common drugs, such as those used for the treatment of diabetes, epilepsy, some sedatives and drug thinners.

These possible side effects make the case for trying a natural yeast cure before any other course of treatment all the more compelling. Natural therapies are often inexpensive, simple to use and made from ingredients easily available. Many natural therapists claim that a yeast cure treatment along natural guidelines can bring relief from painful and embarrassing symptoms within 12 hours of starting the remedy and can actually prevent the yeast infection from recurring in the majority of cases.

In the end, the direction you take in your treatment for yeast overgrowth is a personal decision you will need to make taking into consideration your own circumstances. However, the aim of this article is to stress that there is definitely more than one way of curing that itch, and that taking a natural yeast cure may indeed be much more gentle and less toxic to your body!

I hope you have found this article on naturally curing yeast infection helpful. You can read more about natural treatments for yeast and how they may be able to help quickly relieve your personal situation, on the Natural Yeast Cure [] pages here.
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Natural Yeast Cure Comparison - Why Simple Treatments Can Be Better Than Drug Therapy
Natural Yeast Cure Comparison - Why Simple Treatments Can Be Better Than Drug Therapy
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